Java Web Application Developer


This job posting is no longer active

Updated: April 18, 2017
Be part of a vibrant group where you can make a difference in the evolution of technology products. You’ll be part of a small and energetic team to help the world deliver stories, sports, news, concerts, and so much more. Really the sky’s the limit in live production. As part of the development team, you'll be helping conceive, design, develop and deliver products used in live broadcast. You'll be working to improve and grow the technical competence of our designs. Our small teams encourage outside of the box thinking, we value innovation and feedback, and you'll get to work alongside a diverse group of people with a broad range of skills and experience. You'll be working on real-world applications and get to see the results of your hard work firsthand.
You need to be passionate about working in Java and love working with different development tools and frameworks, such as Eclipse, jQuery, Hibernate, and relational databases, to create powerful applications with highly functional user experiences. We value experience with web application design, and familiarity with REST API's and other bleeding edge web technology. You’ll need to enjoy exploring new ideas and know how to test your work quickly and effectively. We work in an Agile environment, with a fairly flat structure that encourages minimal oversight and encourages freedom and flexibility to complete your task. You also need 2+ years of experience (or an amazing display of design and coding maturity if you have less than that). And then there are the cultural requirements. We are looking for people passionate about their trade, and able to get along well with others. If you already have expertise in live production, consider that a bonus. You need to love learning and progressing your skill set. That means you'll be comfortable talking about your weaknesses just as much as your strengths, and working hard on improving will be a daily habit. We work in a very collaborative environment, and so you'll need to feel comfortable in caring more about the end result than exactly whose ideas achieved it. That also means you'll need to be interested in the processes, constraints, and systems that help product designs flourish.
That means we are always looking for better ways to adapt our work environment and processes to meet the high demands of our customers. Our roles morph, we volunteer for extra tasks, we all care a lot about helping good things happen. If you don't like change, you’re in the wrong place. But if you do, then you can be part of an incredible journey.
Because we can help you flourish. You will get to develop and deliver cutting edge technological solutions for the entertainment industry. You will be part of the Ross Video team working together to make that happen, and we find that a pretty energizing environment to be a part of. We value our people and listen to their feedback. We also offer great perks, flexible hours, free coffee and soft drinks (and a commercial espresso machine for when you need that extra jolt), team building events, BBQ's, and other fun activities. You'll also get to work in a modern technology stack on real-world projects, with minimal legacy code, and primarily focused on building new and exciting features. We're also a little geeky. We love to theme our products, as an example each release of our newsroom is named after Battlestar Galactica, and our central code repository is themed after Trogdor the Burninator! Who else do you know celebrates Pi day every year? It's these quirks that help make Ross Video a really fun place to work.
Ottawa, Canada. It's the Nation’s Capital with the longest skating rink (the Rideau Canal) in the winter, waterways in the summer, and hills for skiing and hiking 30 minutes from the office. Ottawa posts vibrant urban neighbourhoods, as well as numerous recreational possibilities.
Do you have integrity, intelligence, and a drive to get results? Then Ross is the place for you, and we'd like to hear from you. Even if we are not presently listing a suitable position, you should still get in touch. We love hearing from game changers with a growth mindset.
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